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What We Do

Joint Venture Investments is an investment firm that acquires businesses in order to provide passive investment opportunities in the most profitable sectors, the best markets, and tailored deal structures based on our customer investing profiles.

Our acquisitions are strictly vetted through our rigorous underwriting and due diligence processes so investors can invest with confidence and let their money work for them.

Our mission is to help business owners and investors in the pursuit of their financial goals through deal structuring with maximized cash-flow, low risk, diversification, tax efficiency, and long-term partnerships.

Meet the Founder

Aksel Allouch

Our Team is lead by our Chief Executive Office Aksel Allouch. As a global entrepreneur, private investor and corporate advisor, Aksel has decades of analytical experience in various industries, and master the art of making things happen. He partners with a number of business accountants, lawyers, and specific industry consultants in order to evaluate, structure and close deals.

Our primary philosophy is to benefit our partners to make a tangible difference in the world.

Our Team

Aksel Allouch


Aksel is a cosmopolitan entrepreneur and investor professional that focuses on using his technical skills, natural creativity, and unshakable resilience to gracefully over-achieve on his endeavors for the benefit of his associates, clients, and partners. He runs Joint Venture Investments LLC as a Founder and Chief Investor to engineer win-win deals, establish long-term partnerships and execute on the Company’s commitments with laser focus.

Nunotte Zama

Legal Counsel

Result-oriented professional with more than fifteen years of legal, real estate, consulting, and dispute resolution working experience, Attorney Zama has demonstrated record of negotiating complex agreements and corporate transactional documents. She commonly utilizes mediation and diplomatic skills to assist clients in resolving issues and exhibits an extensive exposure to international governance and cultural norms.

Raihane Agrandi

Administrative Coordinator

Raihane Agrandi holds a master degree in British and North American Cultural Studies. Operating as a backoffice specialist and communication expert, Raihane powerfully leverages her excellent management, communication, organizational, and collaboration skills in addition to a rich understanding of cross-related services aiming for the common goal: close the deal with our partners on our side.



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