We do deals and buy businesses! Small to medium-sized, cross-sectors and asset classes, your best interests always come first.

We create strong bonds with business owners to bring the best out of the relationship and benefit all parties.
Your business deserves the utmost treatment for future growth, optimized processes, and continued governance. 


We establish the deal structure that best suits the needs of owners looking to take their business to the next stages of its lifecycle and posterity.


We care first and foremost about your own needs and desires to materialize the reality that you conceive pertaining to your best interests by taking into account all stakeholders’ benefits.

Win-Win at the Core

We target a vast array of sectors, from traditional retail and various real-estate forms to emerging niches and creative structuring. 

We only work with the genuine horsepower of our country, the traditional small business.

We target businesses generating between $500,000 and $10,000,000 in revenue while prioritizing the preservation of existing positions, jobs, and setting the path for the company to greater heights.



Legacy Partnerships


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